Specific tools and services for installers

Pro interface

The pro interface is designed specifically for the installers, who can:

> Monitor the photovoltaic production and consumption of all your installations in real time

> Register a new MyLight system and create the customer account online

> Access their installer profile

A problem with an installation? No longer a need to call out! Connect to your pro interface to access your customer’s trend chart and carry out remote technical troubleshooting.

Technical support

MyLight Systems offers technical and commercial training in the installation of our products and provides you with selling aids.

We also offer assistance in commissioning. Need advice or help with an installation? Contact us !

Commercial and marketing support

We provide commercial and marketing support to help with your sales initiatives.

We can supply you with media: videos, demonstration cabinets, roll-ups for your fairs and salons and sales documents (leaflets, technical data sheets, diagrams, etc.).

MyLight Systems routinely receives requests from new contact through its sustained media, web and events presence. We put these qualified leads in contact with our network of professionals.

Partners space

The partners space is specific for professional installers of our solution. To access it, you must have been trained in our products and be in contact with one of our distributors.

This space gives you access to all available tools: technical data sheets, leaflets, videos, design software, notices, etc.