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Reduce your costs
Let the MyLight Systems optimisation algorithms manage your energy automatically. The result: you can save up to 85% on your electricity bill.
Control your energy
Prefer photovoltaic energy to grid power and reduce the overall electricity consumption of your company. Monitor your solar self-consumption system in total transparency
Commit to the environment and show it!
Support the energy transition and publish the results of your contribution to sustainable development.

What are the service sector applications for the MyLight Systems solution?

Gymnasium – Lisle-sur-Tarn (81) – 92 kWc

Monitoring energy consumption
Yellow tariff: 96 kVA
Cable section: 95 mm2
Monitoring photovoltaic production
6 centralised SMA inverters
Monitoring energy efficiency
Displaying the autonomy and autonomy in real time

Offices – Nogent (52)

Monitoring energy consumption
Coordinating consumptions
Controlling the heating and lighting
Drop in energy consumption
70% reduction

Farm – Arles (13) – 20 kWc

Monitoring energy consumption
Blue tariff 36 kVA
Monitoring photovoltaic production
80 Enphase M215 micro-inverters
Coordinating consumptions
Controlling domestic hot water
Displaying energy efficiency
Autonomy rate: 60% (Summer)/25% (Winter)

How does the MyLight Systems solution work in the service sector?

Local production of green energy
The MyLight Systems solution adds the smart dimension to managing solar energy produced by a photovoltaic installation. (MyLight Systems does not supply the solar installation)
Connection to service sector premises
We design standardised service sector installations that can be tailor made to each project. The Central Control Unit is connected to the solar panels and the entire electric network in the company to measure the production of solar energy and electrical consumption.
Controlling electrical equipment
The MyLight Systems smartplugs can control the operation of electrical equipment remotely (small and large consumers): electric vehicle batteries, fork lift truck, etc.
Heating management
To save even more, you can also use the solar energy produced by the company to heat the premises. With the heating management option you can control the individual room temperatures using a connected thermostat.
Energy control
GreenPlay mode anticipates the weather and deduces the photovoltaic energy that will be produced as a result. It triggers the company’s electrical apparatus at the most cost-saving moment. The Machine Learning technology learns habits and is constantly improving the autonomy.

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