MyLight Systems​

MyLight Systems manufactures smart solar self-consumption systems. Created in 2014, MyLight Systems is born from the desire of renewable energy specialists to offer the general public solutions for each individual to manage his own solar energy.
Our team wishes to make the most groundbreaking technologies available so that everyone can produce, monitor and control their consumption.

Our goal: support you in moving towards your energy independence.

With electricity prices rising and photovoltaic equipment prices falling, solar self-consumption is a means for each individual to produce and consume his own local, green, photovoltaic electricity. Combined with a new or existing photovoltaic installation, the MyLight Systems solution increases the self-consumption efficiency of installations by:

> Preferring solar energy to electricity from the grid, by matching energy consumptions with electricity production

> Reducing consumptions

The MyLight Systems solution can achieve 70% savings in residential properties and 85% in service properties.



MyLight Systems creation


BPI funding


1st generation product launching
BFM Académie Public Award


BFM Business durable Award
Launch of the heating management solution
2M€ fundraising
1st parisian building equipped with MyLight Systems


2nd product generation launching
BePositive Award
2000 installed systems
Launch of the cooling management system

MyLight Systems energy management

Energy independence
Consume and produce your own local, green electricity
Reducing your energy bill
Self-produce your consumption, regulate your heating, receive information in real time
Energy 2.0
Automate your savings using the GreenPlay programme and the connected thermostat

Why choose MyLight Systems?

Pictogramme GreenPlay MyLight Systems
The MyLight Systems GreenPlay programme uses the weather forecast to anticipate the photovoltaic production and trigger your electrical equipment at the most cost-saving moment.
Pictogramme Machine Learning MyLight Systems
With its Machine Learning technology and smart algorithms, the programme takes into account the production history of your installation and your consumption habits to save more and more over time.
Pictogramme stockage MyLight Systems
MyLight Systems allows you to store your surplus photovoltaic electricity production through your water heater. The energy is stored as hot water for later use - this is the thermal battery. Today, this is one of the most ecological and cost-saving storage solutions.
Pictogramme gestion du chauffage MyLight Systems
The MyLight Systems heating management solution acts on the drop in your consumption: 4°C less means 30% saving on your bill. With its dual day and night action, the MyLight system covers your electricity consumption during the day, attenuates the evening's consumption peak and reduces the setpoint temperature at night to make you more comfortable.

Key figures

+ 5000

installations since 2014


patents lodged


Found in five countries

2 M€

dedicated to R&D

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