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Precise management of photovoltaic production
Smart and automatic management of the photovoltaic production according to the needs of each apartment or office.
Profitable investment
Speed up the return on investment of your installation using the smart MyLight Systems management and by selling the surplus photovoltaic electricity.
Increase the land value
Increase the value of your property by converting it into a positive energy building (BEPOS) and making it easier to rent

What application for the collective MyLight Systems apartment solution?

The first Parisian apartment building with solar self-consumption

This is a renovation and energy conversion project in the 15th district in Paris. The building dates from the late 19th century and contains three apartments and an office. MyLight Systems, a stakeholder in the project, is involved through proposing its smart management solution for self-consumption photovoltaic production.

How does the MyLight Systems solution work in a multiple dwelling?

Local production of renewable energy
The photovoltaic field is divided into sub-fields, with each one allocated to a unit (apartment or office). The connected photovoltaic power per unit varies according to need.
Individual apartment management
The photovoltaic panels are connected upstream of the individual meter for each unit. Each apartment/office keeps its individual drawdown meter and chooses its electricity supplier
Central Control Unit design
Installation of MyLight Systems smart systems at each unit and globally: one individual CCU (blue) per unit + one global CCU (white)
GreenPlay mode smart algorithms
The GreenPlay programme optimises automatically the consumption of each unit using weather forecasts and by anticipating the production of photovoltaic energy.
Each apartment has its interface with the MYL 2.0 software
Every unit also has its own energy management interface. A global interface is used to monitor the energy efficiency of the entire building.

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