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Stand out from the competition
Add the smart dimension and efficiency to your photovoltaic installation. Help your customers to benefit from an energy management solution with an accelerated profitability.
Packaged solution
The MyLight Systems package comprises an electric CMU cabinet, smartplugs and a software program. It can suit the needs of each market - residential, service sector and collective.
Easy-to-fit solution
The MyLight Systems CCU is an all-in-one cabinet comprising prewired management components and the AC cabinet. It is very easy to install (plug and play) and takes no time to fit.

How does the MyLight Systems solution work?

Local production of green energy
The MyLight Systems solution works in addition to a photovoltaic installation to make the energy management smart. MyLight Systems does not supply the photovoltaic installation: please refer to you distributor.
Connection to the house
The Central Control Unit is an electrical cabinet that centralises the energy production and consumption data. Installed near the switchboard, the CCU comprises the consumption meter, the photovoltaic production meter and the water heater control.
Running electrical equipment
Smartplugs can collect the consumption data of electrical equipment fitted with smartplugs. You can therefore control them remotely and programme their operation.
Heating management
The MyLight Systems heating management kit can save even more on energy through smart operation of its heating system. The individual room temperature can be managed via a connected thermostat to the heating actuators. The heating can be operated directly via the MYL 2.0 software.
Reducing the electricity bill
The MYL 2.0 software displays the performances of its photovoltaic installation in real time and operates its electrical equipment remotely. Automatic GreenPlay mode anticipates and deduces the solar production and triggers the electrical equipment at the most cost-saving moment.

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Where can I buy the MyLight Systems solution?

Please contact the distributor closest to you directly to purchase our products:

Alaska Energies
Axdis pro

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