I am a homeowner

Produce my own solar power
Install a photovoltaic plant on your premises and produce your own, totally renewable energy. You become your own power producer !
Control my electricity consumption
Give photovoltaic energy priority over grid power and reduce your overall electricity consumption. Monitor your solar self-consumption system in total transparency
Save on my electricity bill
Let the MyLight Systems optimisation algorithms manage your energy automatically. The result: easily save up to 70% on your electricity bill!

How does the MyLight Systems solution work?

I produce green local electricity
The MyLight Systems solution supplements a photovoltaic installation to make the energy management smart. MyLight Systems does not supply the photovoltaic installation.
I connect my home
The Central Control Unit is the heart of my installation: it is connected to the solar panels and the entire electric network in the home to measure the production of solar energy and optimise my electrical consumption based on this.
I control my appliances
The MyLight Systems smartplugs and accessories control and programme the operation of my domestic appliances remotely so that they are running when I am producing my green energy.
I manage my heating
To make even further savings, I can also use my solar energy to heat my home. With the heating management option I can control the individual room temperatures using a connected thermostat.
I control my energy
GreenPlay mode anticipates the weather and deduces the photovoltaic energy that will be produced as a result. It triggers my electrical apparatus at the most cost-saving moment. The Machine Learning technology learns my habits and is constantly improving my autonomy.

MyLight Systems at your service

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Mobile solution

MyLight Systems in four stages

Are you looking to fit a MyLight Systems solution?
An approved installer is required to install our solution. We therefore only sell our products through a network of professionals. This is our procedure when you wish to purchase a MyLight Systems solution:

Find an installer
We send your request to an installer near your home so that he can carry out a feasibility study.
Feasibility study
The MyLight Systems solution is designed based on the photovoltaic power you need and your consumption habits. The feasibility study is therefore essential so that the installer can draw up an accurate quotation for you.
System installation
Having signed up with your installer, the installation can take several days depending on how complex it is. Most of the time, a household has a MyLight Systems solution fitted at the same time as its photovoltaic installation.
MYL 2.0 software installation
Once the MyLight Systems cabinet has been installed, your installer registers your system to connect to your MYL 2.0 software. Once registration is completed, you can access the trend chart for your savings. The software has to be connected to the Internet to work.

MyLight Systems success stories