The record longevity of glass-glass technology

Glass-glass technology involves encapsulating the photovoltaic cells between two layers of glass of the same thickness, guaranteeing strength and robustness.

– Unique glass-glass design: stable performance for decades

– Same mechanical strength on both sides: protection against chemical attack (zero moisture penetration, no variation in temperature) and weather conditions. Five millimeters of glass for greater rigidity and solidity!

– Absolutely stable output over time: 87% performance guaranteed after 30 years for our Quartz 300 Wp module

No compromise between aspect and performance with the full black range!

Our full black modules give your solar installation a refined finish while maximising efficiency: the blacker the panel, the more light it absorbs, unlike a light surface, which reflect light back into the atmosphere.
For an optimum full black effect, the frames of our panels are also black.