Premium photovoltaic panels

MyLight Systems offers a range of solar panels focused on manufacturing quality, with warranties up to 30 years offering energy performance over time.

Resistant to strong winds, hail, snow and the most extreme weather conditions
Environmentally friendly
94.7%: that's the waste recovery rate for a photovoltaic module with a crystalline silicon base and an aluminium frame*. The average time scale for a photovoltaic system to generate as much energy as it took to manufacture is 1.5 to 2.5 years
Solar panels were first used on satellites in 1958. This is a tried and tested technology!
Our solar panels maintain their performance for over 30 years

The bifacial glass glass technology by MyLight Systems

Dual-glass technology
consists of encapsulating the photovoltaic cells between two layers of glass of identical thickness, thus ensuring resistance and robustness.

– Unique glass / glass design: stable performance for decades

– Same mechanical resistance on both sides: protection against chemical attack (zero moisture infiltration, no temperature variation) and weather conditions.

Bifacial technology

allows energy to be generated from the front and rear of the module to produce up to 30% more power with light reflected from behind

No compromise between aspect and performance with the full black range!

Our full black modules give your solar installation a refined finish while maximising efficiency: the blacker the panel, the more light it absorbs, unlike a light surface, which reflect light back into the atmosphere.
For an optimum full black effect, the frames of our panels are also black.