Residential solution kit

The MyLight Systems residential kit comprises:

> 1 Central Control Unit

> Smartplugs

> MYL 2.0 software access

> Heating management (optional)

Central Control Unit

The CCU is the heart of your installation. This electrical cabinet centralises the photovoltaic panel production data and the dwelling's consumption data.

The all-in-one electrical cabinet includes the AC protection for the photovoltaic field and the production and consumption meters.

Technical data

The MyLight Systems solution is compatible with all types of installation:

> Building: residential / service sector / collective

> Installation: single-phase/three-phase

> Inverter: centralised/micro-inverter

> Water heater: electric / thermodynamic

> Operation: on plug / on switchboard

> Battery: battery storage monitoring

MYL 2.0 software

The MYL 2.0 software coordinates and controls your energy. Once the MyLight system is installed, your software is configured to display the trend chart for your savings.

You can see in real time:

> your solar energy production

> your global electrical consumption for the house/building and for each connected equipment

> the performances of your installation: the share of your global electricity consumption covered by your photovoltaic production.

You can control remotely:

> starting your electrical equipment with a single click (water heater, heating, domestic appliances)

> programming the operation of your electrical equipment

> triggering the automatic GreenPlay mode: using the weather forecast, the smart algorithms anticipate the photovoltaic production and trigger your electrical equipment at the most cost-saving moment.

> benefit from the Machine Learning technology which learns your habits for even more savings.

You monitor your installation:

> receive alerts of atypical behaviour

> analyse your consumption from one day to the next using detailed graphs

> consult your data history

See your trend chart in real time on the MYL 2.0 app. Download the new version from the App Store or Google Play.

Application Mylight sur l'Apple Store
Mylight sur le Google Play

Heating management system

To save even more energy, MyLight Systems offers a heating management solution. The connected thermostat activates your heating and controls the temperature in your house.

During the day, the heating comes on when you produce solar energy. The inertia means that you come home to a house at the ideal temperature.

Just like your electrical equipment, you can manage your heating remotely using the MYL 2.0 software.

> Connected thermostat

> All types of heating can be managed: electric radiator, oil/gas boiler, air-water heat pump, air-conditioning


The MyLight system uses smart plugs to collect the consumption data of electrical equipment fitted with smartplugs. You can therefore control them remotely and programme their operation.

Smartplug Master (red)

> Collects the consumption data of all electrical equipment in the household fitted with Smartplugs Control or Ethernet

Smartplug Ethernet (blue)

> Remote control of electrical equipment (on/off)

> Programme the operation of your electrical equipment

> Ethernet relays

Smartplug Control (white)

> Remote control of electrical equipment (on/off)

> Programme the operation of your electrical equipment

Technical data

PLC technology:

> No additional wiring

> Wireless

> Less electrical noise